Terms & Conditions

Our Cancelations Policy
Any colour or extension refit appointment moved or cancelled within 72 hours will loose their deposit.

Any new extensions appointments moved/cancelled within 1 week of your appointment will loose your deposit.

Any cancellations / re arrangement of appointments outside the time frame above your deposit will stay on our system for 6 months.
Consultations are a £10 fee this is a fee not a deposit and non refundable. 

Any consultations moved within 48 hours of the consultation will need to pay another fee.
Colour deposit £50
Extensions deposit £100
Refit Deposit £30-£50
NO bookings are made until the payment is received.

Skin Tests
All colour appointments require a skin test at lest 48 hours before.
Complaints Procedure
We hope you would never need to complain about your service or hair at Big Hair Big Dreams but if an issue does arise we have a strict complaints procedure.

If the issue is with the hair extensions will offer to remove the extensions and send them back to the supplier for further testing.

All hair must be sent to the supplier so they can decide if there’s any issues with the hair by completing tests. If we find any faults or issues with the hair we will aim to replace by discretion of the company.

Any hair replaced will be fitted by us, this can come at a charge.

We do not offer refunds on any hair extensions.

If you have an issue with your colour we advice you to contact us within 2 weeks, you will need to come to the salon for us to discuss further. 

No refunds are given.

Please note that if you have been to a different salon for any services after we can not rectify any problems you may have.